Restaurante Botin, World's Oldest Restaurant

An insight into Restaurante Botin, the world's oldest restaurant according to Guinness Book of Records: The historic restaurant located on the street of "Cuchilleros" (Cutlers), which got its name from the many workshops situated there in 1560, is according to Guinness Book of Records, the oldest one in the world. The place was founded in 1725 and every single part of it narrates a story through the typical atmosphere of the house. Classic dishes retain their deep roots in the past -do not expect any modernized versions- like the roast suckling pig or the garlic soup with egg. These are staples cooked according to a very old tradition in an open fire at their firmly built oven. Pictured, you may see the table at the corner of the restaurant's 1st floor where Ernest Hemingway enjoyed his meal regularly. Also pictured the miniature at the entrance which resembles the restaurant in detailed artwork.


This was just one of our stops in Madrid during a trip with 16 chefs organized in January 2020 by Gastronomy Essentials

Eleftheria Vasiliadi for Gastronomy Essentials & Gastronomy Indicator