Vezené Santorini: Greek fine comfort

After a 10-year-long successful operation in Athens, Vezené Santorini opened its doors on the island's paramount spot overlooking the breathtaking caldera.

Hosted in Cavo Tagoo Hotel, Vezené Santorini shares with the international public a new gastronomic aspect of Greece, singularly modern and elegant. "It is a great honor to work with such an important name in Greek hospitality, that is so popular among a selective global audience and has gained the trust of top gastronomic brands, such as Zuma in Mykonos” says inspirational chef Ari Vezené.

Vezené Santorini is a “ritual” inspired by the enchanting frame of the volcano. It composes the authenticity of the raw materials with the persistantly creative spirit of Vezené in a unique Open Fire environment. On the edge of the caldera, the edge of the world , power meets simplicity generating an excitingly intense experience.

The gastronomic universe of Ari Vezené

“I go back to where I started my career from many years ago, the Santorini restaurant in Chicago’s Greek Town” says Vezené, laughing. At every step, Ari Vezené articulated a new deviceful vocabulary of terms, trends and techniques that influenced in a very personal way the experience and the gastronomic culture of our time. In 2008 his trattoria in Meganisi Island in the Ionian Sea became one of the most popular remote gastronomic hotspots. In 2011 Vezené opens in Athens, immediately defining the concept of comfort food and the Bistronomy gastronomic trend, indicating the superiority of nose-to-tail holistic meat management, putting in the first line special cuts, rare breeds and of course the dry aging technique. In 2018, Birdman, the Japanese Pub & Grill, offers the public the opportunity to experience the simplicity, completeness and authenticity of an emotionally intense gastronomic culture.

In 2020, Ekiben, the take-away & delivery version of Birdman, pioneered during a challenging period by introducing a refined dining experience at home.

Vezené Santorini is a new summer endeavor born last winter at Birdman. Ari Vezené and Nikos Liakos, owner of Cavo Tagoo Hotel, amid a Nikka session decided to create a one-of-a kind experience that would combine the Vezené top quality and style with the stimulating energy of the Open Fire.

The Open Fire of Vezené Santorini

The center-point of Vezené Santorini is a custom-made, three-meter-long open fire that Ari Vezené has been planning for years. The gravity of the island's natural elements is the perfect setting to bring this immaculate construction to life.

The Hestia features multiple cooking positions and heights in order to cook fish, meat and vegetables in perfection. The delicious universe of Vezené Santorini prima materia lies on the open fire, in a menu where land and sea are equally intertwined: well-fed côtes de bœuf and onglet steaks, chops and roasted lamb juxtaposed with shrimp, crayfish, lobster and seafood from the Aegean and the Ionian seas, all seasoned with the aroma of the embers. The fire is fueled by olive wood and vines, enriched with other aromatic woods. All identified with the nature of Greece composing an advanced version of the Greek grill that triggers deep memories while advocating for the local tradition of the Greek gastronomy.

Food is simmered in hanging pots over the fire, pasta and Greek trahaná are cooked in pans on the grill, while the wood-fired oven bakes open flatbreads, eggplants, eels, octopus, beef, and broth is being smoked.

Garum, oxýmelo (the ancient Greek balsamic, made from honey and vinegar), homemade vinegar from Santorini’s vine varieties and chili-flavored olive oil, are spread on meat and seafood with rosemary and thyme brushes. The aroma of the classic ladolémono (olive and lemon dressing) is intensified by the roasted lemons, bergamot and kumquat. The menu is completed with Greek crudo flavored with lemon, olive oil, spearmint, fennel, mirin, ginger and of course the popular dishes of the Athenian Vezené, such as the sea urchin pasta, beef pasticchio tartar, and fruits de mer steamed in Santorini’s Assýrtiko wine, one of the greatest varieties found in the Mediterranean.

By constantly applying the nose-to-tail ethos and sustainable approach, goat, poultry and unexpected beef cuts from rare and native grass-fed breeds (that Vezené first introduced in Greece), acquire their complex flavor by being aged in the special dry aging chamber of Vezené Santorini.

Greek fine comfort

The fine comfort of the Open Fire at Vezené Santorini, combines summer laid-back vibes with a cosmopolitan energy, held high by the impressive cocktail list. The tunes coming from the analogue decks are selected by Birdman, featuring guest DJs from London and Paris. The vibe at Vezené Santorini brings in mind some Riviera movie from the 60’s plus the riveting caldera view.

The relaxing mood in the pool of Cavo Tagoo starts from breakfast and goes through lunch with a special menu in which the omá (Greek crudo) and the famous Birdman Smash burger stand out. All food at Cavo Tagoo Santorini Hotel, is curated by Vezené Santorini.

Dinner service starts at six in the afternoon, in anticipation of the épic sunset. The wine cellar offers a wide variety of eclectic choices out from organic labels, while the handmade ceramic tableware commissioned by Vezené Santorini to celebrated artists, comes in direct dialogue with the natural elements of the land and stands out for its refined quality and high level of craftsmanship.

VEZENÉ Santorini

Hotel Cavo Tagoo

Imerovigli 847 00 Santorini, Greece