The Art of Making Jus and Sauces Workshop Presentation

Many French dishes are made from, or accompanied by, a variety of sauces or jus. Examples include beurre blanc, béarnaise sauce and red wine sauce. They add, or accentuate, flavour or bring the flavours of the different elements of a dish together. Jus and sauces are, without a shadow of a doubt, an indispensable part of French gastronomy!

This is why Le Cordon Bleu Paris The Art of Making Jus and Sauces Workshop is available several times a month in its new building with semi-professional kitchen equipment. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a small group is guided by a Chef Instructor as they learn to master these delicious, traditional and innovative accompaniments. Check more details about this workshop here

Photo: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash