Kitchen without boarders: Celebrate Refugee Stories and Recipes at MOFAD

Join MOFAD and Eat Offbeat founder Manal Kahi and chefs Rachana, Mariama, and Nisran in a conversation that celebrates the launch of their new cookbook and the resilience of talented refugee chefs.

Tickets are available at two levels:

Level one ($15) includes a reserved ticket

Level two ($95) Reserved Ticket + Cookbook + Eat Offbeat Snack Box

The Eat Offbeat snack box was custom made for this event and is exclusive to MOFAD guests. The cost includes shipping and is available to US residents only. Note that orders for the box placed after Friday, March 26 are not guaranteed to arrive ahead of the event. The box includes:

- Venezuelan Berry Jam by Chef Lebjulet

- Senegalese Spiced Candied Peanuts by Chef Mariama

- Iranian Kolompeh Cookies (date cookies) by Chef Nasrin

- Sri Lankan Coconut Sweets by Chef Shanthini

- Nepali Ainthe (Nepali-spiced biscuit with icing) by Chef Rachana

- A signed copy of the Kitchen Without Borders cookbook!

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Photo: Isaiah Rustad,