Harvard University Extension School invites Chef Georgianna Hiliadaki as a guest speaker

Georgianna Hiliadaki, chef and coowner of munti-awarded athenian restaurant "Funky Gourmet", is invited as a guest lecturer at "The psychology of taste", an innovative course in Harvard, which blends the art of food with the science of lifestyle medicine and psychology.

Designed by the Psychologist Stelios Kiosses, this course focuses on the basics of the psychology of

eating and cooking, with an emphasis on how our minds have an impact on our taste and appetite for

food. The idea of the course was first conceived by Stelios almost 10 years ago and it was featured as

Cooking Therapy on his UK Channel 4 hits series The Hoarder Next Door narrated by Oscar - winning actress Olivia Colman. At the time he collaborated with Michelin starred Chef Andreas

Antonas using Chef Antonas cookery school at his flag ship restaurant Simpsons. Last year Stelios

teamed up with pioneer in Lifestyle Medicine and award-winning teacher at Harvard Medical School

Beth Frates and successfully launched the Culinary Psychology course at Harvard University

Extension School.

According to the Psychologist and founder of culinary psychology, Stelios Kiosses, «Culinary

Psychology is a multidisciplinary approach to the understanding and interpretation of food through

experimental and sensory perceptions». On Wednesday, the 5th of May 2021, the Michelin-starred Chefs Georgianna Hiliadaki and Michelin - starred Chef Andreas Antona, will discuss, via teleconference, how they approach health and nutrition issues through the art of gastronomy. At a time when nutrition plays a key role in human psychology, Harvard University is highlighting innovative ways of educating health professionals on mental health and nutrition as well as on implementation ways of nutritional care and psychology applications.

Looking at cultural and historical aspects of food, Chef Georgianna Hiliadaki will analyze through her

professional experiences and culinary journeys the importance of the sense of taste, along with the

other senses, for the perception and enjoyment of food.