Cooking with food waste: The Disco Soup Cookbook

The first Disco Soup cookbook, with recipes from all over the globe. Fill bellies instead of bins!

The Disco Soup cookbook is an activist tool dedicated to global eaters who want to be actively part of the fight against climate change and food waste. Through insights on the worldwide food waste situation, about 100 recipes by activists of World Disco Soup Day and inspiring stories of special products, farmers and fishermen, the reader is invited to rediscover the value of food, its cultural heritage. Food is not a commodity and it cannot be wasted.

This book is made in cooperation with the Slow Food Youth Network, the World Disco Soup Day Task Force and a great number of volunteers from the past editions of World Disco Soup Day. After last year's World Disco Soup Day, they gathered food rescuing recipes from all over the world, which they now brought together in this book!

Text and editing: David McKenzie

Supported by: Patricia Christie Djojo & Gabriela Bonilha

Design: Pop-eye Studio

Project coordination: Slow Food Youth Network

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