50 Best for Recovery 2021: an opportunity for change

The 50 Best organization will reinforce its commitment to supporting and promoting restaurants and bars across the world through its 50 Best for Recovery 2021 program.

This year also brings opportunities for positive change as the sector rebuilds and remodels itself with a greater focus on inclusivity and long-term sustainability. 50 Best will use its global platform to highlight even more great restaurants and bars worldwide – through its 50 Best lists, special awards, unranked collections, and content series – as well as showcase individuals shaping the future of gastronomy through its new 50 Next list, debuting on 22nd February 2021. 50 Best will take the opportunity in 2021 and beyond to amplify diverse voices and positive messages, foster progressive discussion, and cross-border collaboration, and encourage greater gastronomic discovery and exploration.

Photo: Daniel Nichland