14 famous Greek designers transform "One and Only" prosecco into a work of art for a good cause

14 renowned Greek designers fall in love with One & Only Life wine! They draw inspiration from the things we loved, from true Love, from the fashion we cherish, from the journeys we will take (once more), from the things we want to change, from the delicate and ethereal innocence we have to preserve; from the Heart and Soul we pour into everything.

The idea and the implementation of this beautiful charity project belongs to the awarded journalist and President of Le Soleil Foundation, Ms Ada Iliopoulou, who is also an executive member of the Euro American Women’s Council board of directors in N.Y. City & Athens.

Their creations for IN LOVE WITH OUR ONE & ONLY LIFE make of the famous Italian Prosecco ONE & ONLY a work of art or even a functional gift. They make a toast to us and to the One & Only Love for Life and they banish all things bad in this world, since part of the profits will be donated to a charitable cause against child abuse!

You can find the artworks and gifts for "In Love With Our One and Only" exclusivity at winelife.gr from 14 February and till the end of March 2021.

A few words about the designers

ONE & ONLY by Dimitris Dassios

Sweet Pleated Valentine

Focusing on red and using his favorite materials, such as pleated silk and handmade decorative roses, which were a distinctive trait of his jewelry-designing times, Dimitris Dassios creates a mixture of passion and elegance, wonderfully combined with the One & Only Prosecco by Fantinel.

One & Only by Vrettos Vrettakos: Black mamba

Τhe One & Only by Vrettos Vrettakos is inspired by the royal sunsets in the legendary Myanmar, also known as Burma, in southeast Asia. The crystals reflect the insurmountable grandeur of the royal Sun, which majestically covers with its rays the golden Asian continent.

The touch of 14,000 crystals in golden and metal shades seduces all senses… The emperors of the Asian oligarchy were offering the royal black mamba skin as a gift to warriors excelling in the protection of the country’s defense walls. Sun. Sunset. Last emperors. Gold. Metal. Royal black mambas. Luxury coupled with culture, just like the One & Only Prosecco.

ONE & ONLY by Erifilli Nikolopoulou: MOULIN ROUGE

"All it took for me to find my inspiration was a glass of this exquisite ONE & ONLY Prosecco!", says the well-known designer. "In my imagination, it was then transformed into a beautiful dancer, a svelte cheerleader in Moulin Rouge; this was the reason I designed quite a special and imaginative skirt to dress the bottle. The intricate patterns and frills of the skirt were created in silk tulle embroidered in my studio with crystals and sequins."True haute couture based on technical details emerging in a particularly stylish way.

ONE & ONLY by Vassilis Zoulias: The ideal couple

Vassilis Zoulias created the perfect couple! He combined his ONE & ONLY with The Bow, his first perfume, bearing the distinctive bow by Vassilis Zoulias. The ideal couple takes us for a morning walk under the warm sun, into a garden in full bloom; their laughter resonates all around. It is a celebration of elegant energy, optimism and youthfulness. The Bow, is an aromatic co-creation of Vassilis Zoulias and perfumer, Μanos Gerakinis. It is “tied” on unique and sensual notes, full of freshness, that leave an elegant and lasting aromatic trace.

The floral explosion is optimally mixed with juicy berries while the chic combination of a flower bouquet –iris, orange blossoms and violet – unleashes a soft musk and vanilla touch. Sensual and tender, this feminine perfume is the elegant continuation of VassilisZoulias’ creative spirit.

The ideal couple: the One & Only Prosecco for the man of your life and the perfume “The Bow” for the ideal woman take us to an earthly paradise, a dreamy garden, a universe full of colors and girly miracles, such as a dream coming true.

ONE & ONLY by Chara Lebessi: Freedom…an ode to Freedom!

Every single one of us wants their freedom back, more than ever! We all seek to liberate ourselves toward optimism, joy and goodness; indeed, we seek to escape toward the Light! We want our Innocence back! This ethereal aspect is as delicate as our first love, as spring suddenly emerging to bring everything upside down, as a sudden inspiration, as the great dream of a teenager who is hurriedly trying to make it come true!

The butterfly effect can shatter chaos and it is highly possible it has a defining role to play in the evolution of History! May it be in favor of the greater good! Chara Lebessi dressed the Prosecco One & Only with silk organza and an appliquéd silk net and decorated it with appliquéd silk butterflies!

The result is as Ethereal as is the Freedom we so eagerly await! Just as innocent as goodness that changes everything! Light just like the one we wish that floods in from every corner and smashes all the darkness in this world! May optimism come from every place… to nest within us!

“Judge that happiness is freedom and freedom courage.”, Thucydides, 460-394 π


Great loves are just like roses: they look amazing but they bear thorns. So, the most important question in life is how to overcome those thorns in order to preserve the intense love, whilst it can also be painful sometimes. Well-known designer Vlassis Holevas designed a heart bearing nails: just as dangerous as passion but safe in the knowledge that love never fails us as long as we are not afraid to experience it!

ONE & ONLY by Takis Giannetos: JAMES BOND 007

Takis Giannetos designed especially for One & Only a set which includes a handmade bow tie and an assorted 100% silk pocket handkerchief. Just take a look at the back of the bow tie and you shall find O&O by T.G. Truly, a ONE & ONLY gift for the man of your life!

Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and Sean Connery, all three of them agree that during their iconic appearances as James Bond 007, they were wearing a bow tie and not just a mere tie. The ONE & ONLY Prosecco by Takis Giannetos is inspired by the austere yet timeless elegance of James Bond. It is called 007 and it reminds us of the films we loved; it wears a beautiful tuxedo which is offered with magnum ONE & ONLY so as to make the perfect gift to your partner on February 14!


Liana Vourakis wishes to banish evil through her Love; that is why she added to the ONE & ONLY a good fortune eye made of marble and pearls on a gold base.


The white duchess satin touches with the soie sauvage silk in an inspiration signed by heretic designer PARIS VALTADOROS; all elements remind us of a trait on the ONE & ONLY bottle while they also provide the distinctive outline of the designer's style, which is present in all his celebrated creations. Black is intense and sexy but it is also timeless. Its strict character is softened through the bright yellow, a subtle reminder of the trademark collar in Paris' outfits. The silhouette reminds us of a dynamic Diva who establishes herself throughout time. It is the woman of every season; the woman who changes the world simply because she wants to. A timeless principle, just like the ONE & ONLY which is ideal for all 4 seasons!

ONE & ONLY by Lena Katsanidou: Black luxury

The famous designer was inspired by her favorite color, which to her is a luxury trait. Feathers and French lace come together in an almost poetic way to meet on sequined silk tulle coupled with metal accents, dressing the bottle with a flowing dynamism and utmost finesse, thanks to haute couture materials. The One & Only also accommodates a handmade brooch, which your partner may don for her high society appearances.

ONE & ONLY by Prince Erotokritos: YOUR ONE & ONLY MAN

Prince Erotokritos designs exclusively for the ONE & ONLY in your life an official 100% cashmere tuxedo; it is available either as an ensemble of pants-shirt-bow tie or, in a more unconventional mood, as an ensemble of the new wave approach with a longer shirt bearing silk transparencies. Kindly register your request at sales@winelife.gr, in order to then arrange a meeting with the designer. Pricing sur mesure.

One & Only by Athina Tranoulis: Belle Époque - Waiting for the transition to another era

Fear is the most powerful human emotion... This past year, the fear of the pandemic surrounding us had an immediate effect on our mental wellbeing. However, the worst thing is that everyone is tired after all those months of deprivation because of the pandemic...

It is therefore our duty to indulge ourselves in life's little joys while the lockdown is still on, because our life is One & Only! Our art reminds us of all the things we love, that is why we celebrate our love for art and fashion, creating a special bottle with flowers and handmade lace for our beloved Ada Iliopoulou.”

"You shoud bring around tough days.If they get to you while being miserable, you are done." - Alkyoni Papadaki, Greek writer.


The handmade leather bag created by well-known designer Stella Kouvaris for In Love With One & Only is specially designed for the One & Only magnum to fit in; it is the perfect gift for your beloved one. The bag can, then, definitely be used every day bearing on it, as a work of art, a woman who is unique! What did it take to make this bag though? 96 hours of work, a risk to ruin even the wax coating, the use of calfskin in an ice grey shade, with a fire-red suede lining. The leather was carved using a burning sharp tool, was patinised and further details were hand-painted! If a woman is not someone's one and only, it is hard to grasp this entire ffort; it is hard to feel the value of being the One & Only.

ONE & ONLY by Olga Karaververis: Wedding time!

Wedding time... The moment that love becomes one with care, respect and the promise between two people to eternally take the paths of life together; when such moment is accompanied by an amazing wine such as the One and Only, the couple's entire life becomes amazingly delightful.

Designer Olga Karaververis suggests that all couples in love enjoy the most beautiful moment of their life together with the One & Only by Olga Karaververis and its seductive taste.